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Anibal 5

Anibal 5

Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Manuel Moro

Aníbal 5 is a series of comics created by the Chilean Alejandro Jodorowsky and the Mexican Manuel Moro in 1966 for the Temporae publishing house. It was the first comic by its screenwriter, who many years later would make Aníbal Zinq (Anibal Cinq, 1990-1992), with the French cartoonist George Bess.

Its eponymous protagonist, whose appearance is based on that of actor Jorge Rivero, is a cyborg who works for the Latin American Defense Agency (ALAD). (Text from Spanish Wikipedia translated by 2084 Imagined Futures)


Published numbers in the 1960s:

1. “Menace of mole women”

2. “The five deaths of Anibal 5”

3. “The cemetery of satellites”

4. “The man-woman”

5. “The kangaroo’s laugh”

6. “The romantic mummies”

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