Futures 2084

BAGNER NATURE Performance of lesbic art

BAGNER NATURE Performance of lesbic art

Author: Steven Bagner, Viktor Mogilat
Colaborador/es: director: Viktor Mogilat dop: Nikolay Halonen executive producer: Dasha Nikitina, Pavel Lukyanov 1st AD: Lidiya Dotsenko line producer: Marina Levitskaya focus puller: Artem Petrosyan electricians: Aleksandr Matusevich, Mikhail Tarasov muah: Masha Francevich, Maria Dolinina colorist: Viktor Mogilat edit: Viktor Mogilat title: Maxim Svekolsky

What do you see when you watch it?

“NATURE”, the project developed in the midst of the sanitary restrictions of 2021, is a 30-second lesbian art video performance that aims to give visibility to Women within the BAGNER collective.

Women artists have historically put love and sexual desire between them on the table. They tell us about themselves, their lives, their sexuality. They are doing politics, revolutionizing the heteropatriarchal normativity that tries to hide everything that threatens the status quo. From this reflection, it becomes necessary to recognize the artistic and subversive value of these creations that, facing a possible imaginary future of 2084, bear witness that sexuality and being will be explored in a slow and deconstructed way.

“NATURE” is underground or countercultural, this being understood as an alternative artistic proposal to the institutional or hegemonic ones.

From the musical point of view, sonorities that are typical and refer to certain Argentine cultures are explored through the use of native instruments executed from the deconstruction of academic interpretation.

From the visual point of view, the concepts of fusion and eroticism are played with. A leisurely way of acknowledging the enjoyment of one’s own body and that of the other.

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