Futures 2084

Book Verse

Book Verse

Author: Aldana Rosselot

Aldana Rosselot
Diseño de Futuros
Universidad de Mendoza

In the year 2040, when reading is in crisis given the environmental impact of deforestation and the lack of interest among young people in consuming this type of product; an app is launched that, like other apps at this time, is controlled by implanted microchips and virtual reality viewers; in it there is an experience of complete immersion in which each user can access any library in the world but located in a destination that is left to the reader’s imagination as they read the book (temperature, hours, light, aromas, sounds and even characters), this method begins to be implemented in schools in order to promote both reading and writing as well as the imagination of children and young people and motivating adults to resume the habit of reading and reactivate the creative capacity.

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