Futures 2084

Conscious Technology

Conscious Technology

Author: Camila Lorena Choquehuanca Linares

“The utopian future that I represent is one in which technology has advanced a lot and is found in many areas of our daily lives. In addition, advertising is used to help continue spreading about caring for the environment. In this future this topic is quite important. It can be seen that companies began to take the necessary measures. Although the importance of technology is recognized, the importance of maintaining social ties is also recognized, so that we do not get trapped in technological products and we can see each other face to face. For example, the girl who, when she goes to work, turns off her digital display and attends to whoever is talking to her.” Camila Lorena Choquehuanca Linares


This imagination is part of the pedagogical proposal of the Ecenarro Turrillo Chair, IntroducciĂłn al Conocimiento Proyectual 1 (ICP 1), Ciclo BĂĄsico ComĂșn (CBC), Universidad de Buenos Aires UBA. It corresponds to the initial sketch exercise of the first semester of 2022, linked to the Program 2084 Imagined Futures from the South.

Students were invited to dream and develop utopias with the precept of traveling to the future, the year 2084, and propose imaginations/transformations, understanding that design and its project disciplines are tools to improve contemporary and everyday living, with a sustainable commitment.

The teaching team was composed by Graciela Ecenarro, Andrea Santangelo, Silvina de Gennaro, Juan I. Cabello, Florencia de la Quintana, Natalia Naredo, Luciana Quartaruolo, Santiago OrtĂ­, Andrea LĂłpez y Natalia Ardissone.

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