Futures 2084



Author: Joaquin Crespo di Napoli, Rafael Hellin, Ignacio Krzisnik


As it happens with light and the internet, as it happened with cars and cell phones, a world without AI is inconceivable. There is absolutely nothing that escapes it. All actions carried out by people in their daily lives are crossed by its influence. What happens if people are not necessary for the manufacture of inputs? What if everything you need can be acquired from your home or your room?
AI makes it possible to go through life with no contact with other people, everything can be solved by it. All possible interactions have been lost. People have become insensitive beings, devoid of any sign of humanity. Human creativity, which has offered so much throughout history, has been buried by artifacts that promise to surpass it in every way. The city is no longer lived. There is no need to move, there is no reason to leave. Why go out if there is nothing to do outside? AI allows you to have the world in your hands. Social behavior is bleak. It is curious that living the life you want, always having what you want, always interacting with who you want, has left people stagnant and unsatisfied. What promised to be the world outside the cave ended up being one in itself.
A sector of society will find it necessary to re-live the exteriors, to recreate buildings for particular and differentiated uses, to use and enjoy spaces. The need arises to create a school of individual and collective stimulation that will seek to encourage the creative process of people arises. The objective will be to link students with each other and convey to them the need for the “other”. This would be achieved with unconventional activities at the time, making people use the 5 senses, move and activate the mind. Re-teach what served some time ago. The “school” building will reappear, but not in the city, the city is contaminated with AI.
The site will be as far away as possible from any city. The place chosen is the Jaramillo petrified forest national park, a place far enough from the main metropolises of the country. A desert, unchanged for thousands of years filled with surprising natural qualities, that owes its name to the presence of petrified trees, thousands of years old. For some reason the desert guarantees transcendence, and the school had to have it.” (Download the PDF and view the whole work)

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This work was carried out as part of 2022’s 2nd quarter course Ficciones Futuras at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU UBA).

Cátedra Ficciones Futuras: Francisco Hesayne, Profesor titular; Agustina Giambelluca, Jefa de trabajos prácticos; Santiago Albarracín, Jefe de trabajos prácticos; Agustina Pía López, Jennifer Kazár, Agustín Poch, docentes.

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