Futures 2084

Garbage Fuel

Garbage Fuel

Author: Anonimous #2

I am interested in the future of: transport and fuel
I imagine that transport would be more ecological, there will be not so many polluting vehicles or a recyclable fuel would be invented, all for a process of decontamination and innovation for the planet for a better life and the reduction of vehicles. Assuming to make a fuel with the daily garbage that tons are collected every day or turn it into something healthy for the planet, one would say bye to the oil companies!!!
The way of adapting to the new fuel would be, instead of service stations, they would be machines that for each kilo of garbage that you or each house collect, machines with a special chemical convert it into recyclable ecological fuel for all types of vehicles, whether land , air, water or industrial.

Within the framework of the activities carried out during the Creativity and Innovation Course with students from Unit 47 of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, we encouraged ourselves to imagine the future under the slogan Future 2084. An exercise that allowed them to dream of the future that others will live and that equals us all. Those who are outside and those who are inside deprived of their freedom. A transformative experience for all.

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