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Garden Cities of To-morrow

Garden Cities of To-morrow

Author: Ebenezer Howard

Garden Cities of To-morrow is a book by the British urban planner Ebenezer Howard. When it was published in 1898, the book was titled To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform. In 1902 it was reprinted as Garden Cities of To-Morrow. The book gave rise to the garden city movement and is very important in the field of urban design.

This book offered a vision of towns free of¬†slums¬†and enjoying the benefits of both town (such as opportunity, amusement and high wages) and country (such as beauty, fresh air and low¬†rents). Howard illustrated the idea with his “Three Magnets” diagram.[3]¬†His ideas were conceived for the context of a¬†capitalist¬†economic system, and sought to balance¬†individual¬†and¬†community¬†needs.[4]

Two English towns were built as garden cities,¬†Letchworth¬†and¬†Welwyn. Though they did not completely measure up to the¬†ideal, they provided a model for…” (Read the article on Wikipedia)

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