Futures 2084



Author: María del Pilar Debarnot, Luisa Daiana Marceline Bustamante, Marcelo Miraglia

Our main character is a boy who has recently lost his father due to an illness. His father, worried about the future of his son being orphaned, prepares teachings and learning to help him grieve and for his future. The child will travel by himself a path whose landscapes aesthetically correspond to each one of the stages of grief (denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance). At the end of the game he will meet the figure of a resplendent man (the father), hug him, and leave him behind to continue on his way, but carrying now a flash of his father’s light that stuck to his chest ( proof of infinite memory and the representation of life’s lessons).

Play the demo: https://lemarc.itch.io/glint?secret=urH6VQfR5X66Qo5sk7fj906s8

This game was developed as part of the summer course of the Diseño y producción de videojuegos (Video game design and production) course hosted by Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre, Professor; Bernardo Mallaina; Associate Professor; María Fernanda Arrebillaga, Head of practical works, at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU-UBA)Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina.