Futures 2084

Hydro Skyscraper

Hydro Skyscraper

Author: Micaela Tagliapietra, Felipe Benavente Bascur, Michael Sedens

“The two risk factors that will hit humanity over the next decade are the “climate crisis” and the “lack of response to the climate crisis”. One of the most serious damages from climate change is extreme drought, leading to desertification caused by long-term lack of water.
Experts refer to Earth’s end as 2050 due to extreme weather. But that will not be the end of humanity. To return to what Earth once was, in 2084, a new high-grade education system is born located in the great deserts and still-living water sources such as salt flats, valleys, lagoons, lakes.

Because of this, in the province of Catamarca, more precisely in the Antofalla salt flats, this skyscraper is installed, it is not only a university but also a water treatment plant. The water from the salt flats is collected through tanks and channels that transport it to the ground floor of the building where it is absorbed to be treated. Also, from the central area of the tower, water is absorbed in a gaseous state from the clouds, which is still drinkable.

Students specialize in hydrology, the science that studies terrestrial water, its origin, movement and distribution on our planet to try to solve this problem and thus be able to avoid the extinction of humanity and to heal the Earth.” (Download the PDF and view the whole work)

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This work was carried out as part of 2022’s 2nd quarter course Ficciones Futuras at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU UBA).

Cátedra Ficciones Futuras: Francisco Hesayne, Profesor titular; Agustina Giambelluca, Jefa de trabajos prácticos; Santiago Albarracín, Jefe de trabajos prácticos; Agustina Pía López, Jennifer Kazár, Agustín Poch, docentes.

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