Futures 2084



Author: Florencia Morici

Florencia Morici
Diseño de Futuros
Universidad de Mendoza

In the year 2040 when climate change has reached its peak and is about to extinguish the life of polar bears, an artifact that resembles a realistic polar bear will appear.
It will be located on a polar bear protection island where it will go unnoticed with the rest of the bears. This same one will have the possibility of detecting when they are in danger, when they are close to contamination; When this happens, it will transmit a sensor that communicates what happened.

This artifact, in turn, fulfills the function of preventing thaws, in order to protect the extinction of the herd, launching an idealized vapor in areas to freeze them.
Finally, this device presents a great technological advance since it can have contact with a polar bear in a direct and safe way.

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