Futures 2084



Author: Kevin Bellen, Mel Mir, Mariano Montiveros, Josefina Selvanovich

“The main character, who belongs to a tribe that lives in the last natural ecosystem of the Universe, sees his subsistence threatened by the advance of artificial intelligence in the modern digitized society of the year 2084, and decides to travel to the capital city to combat the harmful effects of existing communication technologies.
To achieve this, he has to make his claim reach the four ministries that govern the city. Through portals that the character will open with his spiritual powers, he will contact his human ancestors to obtain information on how to use the natural resources of his environment to overcome the obstacles he faces in his journey.
The character assumes this mission individually ensuring that a war does not break out between his tribe and the “civilized” society, governed by the Ministries of the senses whose power is to manipulate the “pulse to feel” of the human beings of the year 2084 and their drive for life, anesthetized by the supposed benefits of the prevailing technological scopes.”

This game was developed as part of the summer course of the Diseño y producción de videojuegos (Video game design and production) course hosted by Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre, Professor; Bernardo Mallaina; Associate Professor; María Fernanda Arrebillaga, Head of practical works, at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU-UBA)Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina.

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