2084: an argentine tunnel | Videos

2084: an argentine tunnel | Videos

Enthusiastic about the 2084: Imagined Futures from the South program, the National Directorate of Patrimonial Management of Argentina instructed that two national museums, the Terry National Museum and the Manzana de las Luces Historical Complex, promote and coordinate 12 young people from very distant and dissimilar geographical areas such as Jujuy and Buenos Aires meet virtually during the pandemic to exchange experiences, reflect on the present and imagine futures.

The objective of the meetings was to open a space for training and exchange among young people to promote community action and cultural reflection based on the initiative of the 2084 program. The project materialized in the book 2084: Un túnel argentino (2084: An Argentine tunnel) and in the face-to-face meeting that took place at the Manzana de las Luces Historical Complex at the end of March.

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Download the digital version of the book 2084 Un túnel argentino (in Spanish).


Watch the videos with interviews with the authors:

In this 1st video we ask the young participants how they imagine the future and what is the relationship between museums and the future. We invite you to know their answers!


This second video collects testimonies during the presentation of the book, which was attended by the 12 teenagers and Viviana Usubiaga, national director of Asset Management; Gustavo Blázquez, director of the Manzana de las Luces Historical-Cultural Complex; Juan Muñoz, director of the Terry National Museum; and Margarita Gutman, from the Latin American Observatory of the New School.


In this third video, the participants tell us about their trip and visits experience.


The program deeply thanks all those who were involved from the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Argentina, in this process for their enthusiasm, effort and joy, in particular we want to highlight the work of our most immediate interlocutors knowing that we stopped mentioning many who have contributed to this beautiful initiative:

Valeria González, Secretary of Cultural Heritage
María Isabel Baldasarre, National Director of Museums
Viviana Usubiaga, Director of the National Directorate of Patrimonial Management
Juan Muñoz, Director of the Terry Museum (Tilcara, Jujuy)
Gustavo Blázquez, Director of the Museum of the Block of Lights (Buenos Aires)
Gabriel Lerman, Coordinator of the Cultural Management Program

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