Futures 2084

Paralel Reality

Paralel Reality

Author: Milagros Alonso

Milagros Alonso
Diseño de Futuros
Universidad de Mendoza

“In the year 2070, when the world is in a state where there is no more space to move and technology evolves enough to replace the user, the buildings will cease to be tangible, giving rise to the possibility of moving to a reality parallel.

Present in this new reality, we will use it to communicate whether it is for social gatherings, work or to talk to a person miles away.

Gogles-v glasses are the ones that will allow us to be present in another reality where we will keep our senses active to feel as if it were real.

The glasses not only facilitate the way of communication, but also what is meant. It will be possible to materialize an idea that the person has in his head so that the ideas can be explained in a concrete way.”

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