Futures 2084

Planetary Awakening

Planetary Awakening

Author: Ariel Saal, Antonella Simao

“Education: we know what it is when you don’t ask us, but we can’t explain or define it very quickly”. María Zambrano (philosopher, 1904-1991)

Planetary Awakening (Despertar Planetario)-Argentina 2084 is a community that emerged in 2084 made up of a group of young revolutionaries who want to make one last attempt to save Planet Earth and the ways to inhabit it. Its initial question is “What is education?” which they aim to answer through rebellion, empathy, history and the re-appropriation of the desert lands that became displaced due to the centralization of the entire Argentine territory in the City of Buenos Aires. This is why they are located in the territory that goes from the town of Fiambalá up to the desert of Monte Pissis, in Catamarca, seeking to re-inhabit the peripheries, begining in towns located there, by then almost entirely abandoned, in order to re-appropriate desertic zones. In addition, taking advantage of the era of virtuality, they believe that desert territories are not only located on the physical plane, but also on the virtual one, thus relating to the different Planetary Awakening communities located throughout the planet, convinced that education must reach a planetary scale, not only recognizing and claiming identities, but also sharing them between communities and, thus generating a knowledge that grows more enriched every day. Education is feeling, is love, is rebellion, is memory. Educating is freedom and, above all, vindication of the history of each people. … (Download the PDF and read the whole story)

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This work was carried out as part of 2022’s 2nd quarter course Ficciones Futuras at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU UBA).

Cátedra Ficciones Futuras: Francisco Hesayne, Profesor titular; Agustina Giambelluca, Jefa de trabajos prácticos; Santiago Albarracín, Jefe de trabajos prácticos; Agustina Pía López, Jennifer Kazár, Agustín Poch, docentes.



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