Futures 2084

Rosario 2084

Rosario 2084

Author: Santiago Bastidas Cruz

Work done in the course: Origins of Urbanism – 1st semester of 2021, Architecture and Urbanism program, Faculty of Arts, National University of Colombia, professor Carlos Torres.

In this paper, the city of Rosario in Argentina will be analyzed with the aim of exploring its evolution throughout history and examining its different urban phases.

We will also seek to identify and understand the most important urban projects that have left their mark at each of the three turning points.

Throughout the analysis, changes will be explored in all areas that affect the transformation of Rosario, from its early stages of development to the present day, and urban transformation will be examined.

The objective is to understand how Rosario has faced the challenges of population growth and how it has taken advantage of development opportunities throughout its history.

What will Rosario be like in the year 2084? Through a rigorous and creative analysis, we will seek to project how this city will be configured in the future, considering its history and the factors that have driven it up to now.

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