Futures 2084

Save The Future

Save The Future

Author: Nicolás Lucione, María Montano, Sol Romero, Silvio Vázques

Save the future with Mirai. Complete the missions, create a better future.

We are in the year 2100 and the world is destroyed. Our character is the one chosen to return to the past through a time portal and fight against the catastrophes that resulted in such a terrible reality. In the first level he will face the contamination of the sea and in the second the formula for the vaccine against covid-19. As he wins challenges, the future will look better and better.


This game was developed as part of the summer course of the Diseño y producción de videojuegos (Video game design and production) course hosted by Alejandro Andrés Iparraguirre, Professor; Bernardo Mallaina; Associate Professor; María Fernanda Arrebillaga, Head of practical works, at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU-UBA), of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina

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