Futures 2084

Simply Water

Simply Water

Author: Natalia Gavotti

So glad humanity finally got to understand how important taking care of planet earth’s natural environment is and was able to re-create societies to be able to improve the global lifestyle and, at the same time, to make that lifestyle much more eco friendly. Otherwise, I`m not sure we could have made it until 2084 as species!

Can you imagine if we, as a global community, would not have been able to really understand that clean water and a non-polluted environment is for us to have a good life? Even though greed seems to be a negative natural feature of many human beings, it feels so good that as a team. we were able to surpass it and finally become caring.

As expected, respect, decent housing, healthy food, universal healthcare, equal opportunities, free and good quality education and (but not only) public safety, available to all people, played a crucial role to fulfill this goal.

I’m certain that this is the kind of thing that can be called progress. The kind of thing that would make anyone proud of being human.

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