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Sleepwalker (La Sonámbula)

Sleepwalker (La Sonámbula)

Author: Fernando Spiner

“La sonámbula, recuerdos del futuro, Sleepwalker, memories of the future, also known simply as Sleepwalker, is a 1998 Argentine science fiction film directed by Fernando Spiner and starring Eusebio Poncela, Gastón Pauls and Sofía Viruboff. The script was written by Fernando Spiner and Ricardo Piglia. Its premiere took place on September 24, 1998.


The year 2010 is in a uchronic Argentina, and it is the Bicentennial of the May Revolution. During that year, the government conducts experimental tests with a new chemical. But an accident occurs, whereby people lose their memory, and with it their identity.

A young woman, Eva Rey (Sofía Viruboff) is one of those people and the authorities believe that she may be the key to this strange situation. Shehas thoughts about joining the subversive group of Gorrión (Gastón Pauls). Eva is allowed to leave the experimental facility where she has been under treatment, but accompanied by Ariel (Eusebio Poncela). Instead of keeping an eye on Eva, Ariel begins to fall in love with her.” (Text from Spanish Wikipedia translated by 2084 Imagined Futures)


Interview to the director (in Spanish)

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