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Author: Stanislaw Lem

Solaris is a 1961 science fiction novel by Polish writer Stanisław Lem. It follows a crew of scientists on a research station as they attempt to understand an extraterrestrial intelligence, which takes the form of a vast ocean on the titular alien planet. The novel is among Lem’s best-known works.

The book has been adapted numerous times for film, radio, and theater. Prominent film adaptations include Andrei Tarkovsky‘s 1972 version and Steven Soderbergh‘s 2002 version, although Lem later remarked that none of these films reflected the book’s thematic emphasis on the limitations of human rationality.

Solaris chronicles the ultimate futility of attempted communications with the extraterrestrial life inhabiting a distant alien planet named Solaris. The planet is almost completely covered with …” (View the whole article in Wikipedia)

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