Futures 2084

The ant with two heads

The ant with two heads

Author: Anonimous #4

“I am interested in the future of: the economy. I imagine that in the future the economy could be better if an ant governs with two heads to think twice, and his cabinet of dogs do everything as they should. Hopefully it will be like that for the good of the feline community. I know this would be nothing when the robot dogs no longer want to listen to the ant and want to have the feline people as masseurs.”


Within the framework of the activities carried out during the Creativity and Innovation Course with students from Unit 47 of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, we encouraged ourselves to imagine the future under the slogan Future 2084. An exercise that allowed them to dream of the future that others will live and that equals us all. Those who are outside and those who are inside deprived of their freedom. A transformative experience for all.

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