Futures 2084

The future and the theory of the five skins

The future and the theory of the five skins

Author: Catarina Giovana de Lima Baptistiolli

“My idea was to make a collage with several images relating the future and the theory of the 5 skins. The first skin would have people as its main theme; I imagine that they will be directly connected with technology, even with parts of the body made up of machines. I think the clothes will be ambiguous, or the people will be simple and wear neutral colors or super exaggerated with strong colors. As for the home, I think that the spaces will be smaller and smaller. Society and the community will be much more technological and globalized, but we will have great social inequality. Transportation will become faster and more sophisticated. Regarding the ecosystem, hopefully we will be more careful but I believe that nature will be in the middle of the cities. It is also good to think that with the advances of society we will be able to live outside our planet.” Catarina Giovana de Lima Baptistiolli


This imagination is part of the pedagogical proposal of the Ecenarro Turrillo Chair, Introducci√≥n al Conocimiento Proyectual 1 (ICP 1), Ciclo B√°sico Com√ļn (CBC),¬†Universidad de Buenos Aires UBA. It corresponds to the initial sketch exercise of the first semester of 2022, linked to the Program 2084 Imagined Futures from the South.

Students were invited to dream and develop utopias with the precept of traveling to the future, the year 2084, and propose imaginations/transformations, understanding that design and its project disciplines are tools to improve contemporary and everyday living, with a sustainable commitment.

The teaching team was composed by Graciela Ecenarro, Andrea Santangelo, Silvina de Gennaro, Juan I. Cabello, Florencia de la Quintana, Natalia Naredo, Luciana Quartaruolo, Santiago Ortí, Andrea López y Natalia Ardissone.

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