Futures 2084

The Tragedy Announced

The Tragedy Announced

Author: Anna Flavia Schmitt Wyse Baranski 


The world is
The Coralines
are being
Get to 2084
it happens very quickly,
while the men
lose time
with wars.
Something along
of these lines
to save the future
it should already
be being done.
the Coralíneos,

miss reaching

the forests,
they will end up
getting lost

and all will succumb
at the same destination
buried by death
in an immense desert.”

Anna Flavia Schmitt Wyse Baranski 


Visual Poetry received for the International Call for Visual Poetry 2084 Imagined Futures (2023), whose slogan was: ‚ÄúImagine and send us your visual poetry creations from the future to our present. The time has come to occupy the future and allow your artistic vision to shape the world to come. Together we can transform dreams into reality.‚ÄĚ
The call was organized by Aura Poesía Visual (http://aurapoesiavisual.blogspot.com/?m=0). We thank Ana Verónica Suárez and OmarOmar.

Visual poetry is a form of experimental artistic expression that combines visual and verbal elements to transmit a message with the image predominating over the verbal. Unlike traditional poetry, words can appear superimposed, deformed or combined with images and graphic elements (typefaces, photographs, illustrations, etc.) to create a poetic experience that transcends written language and its literal meaning.

Note: given that some of the visual poems have been delivered without a title, from the editing area of 2084 Futures Imagined from the South, we decided to give them a possible title with the intention of equaling them to others, simultaneously helping to distinguish them.

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