Futures 2084

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Author: Sociedad Argentina del Collage

“Right of admission, third world. Rent me at night when boredom is the only thing you bite. The animal that always accompanies me now sleeps, I will sleep too. And you think that it will never stop and it eats you, the air eats you because you don’t breathe. Someone is dying; strongly transmiting me his confusion, his angry and silent protest. I say nothing. The suffocating embrace of rejection, this other skin that burns without a sun to touch it. We must look at everything until we melt time. Emptiness turns me against all omens and advice. Refuge of flies. The head. Feeling cornered. I expel the world through my mouth. Rent me light. The desolation. The cities.” Sociedad Argentina del Collage

Transcription of the text of one of the faces of the unfolded polyhedron.



Postcard/s received during the year 2022 for the international call for Mail Art 2084 Imagined Futures whose slogan was “Send a postcard from the year 2084”.
The call was organized together with Espacio MO, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We appreciate the special collaboration of Norma Otero.

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