Futures 2084

Uma & Yaku

Uma & Yaku

Author: Lorena Abrodos, Erica González, Dario Martín, Roy Rojas, Paula López

¨In the not too distant future, when humans forgot to take care of the Earth, the ice melted and water covered almost the entire planet. The deity of the waters Mama Cocha took pity on humans and left them small islands so that they can live there, but many people stopped believing in the future and began to neglect it, throwing garbage and waste.
However, Uma and Yaku did believe in the deity and in a new life in coexistence with nature. Therefore, they organized and began to clean the ocean. In reward for their trust and effort, the sea provides them with fish and algae to feed on and gives them more territory.¨

Play the demo: https://tutuca-fadu.itch.io/uma-y-yaku

This game was developed as part of the summer course of the Dise√Īo y producci√≥n de videojuegos (Video game design and production) course hosted by Alejandro Andr√©s Iparraguirre, Professor; Bernardo Mallaina; Associate Professor; Mar√≠a Fernanda Arrebillaga, Head of practical works, at the¬†Facultad de Arquitectura, Dise√Īo y Urbanismo (FADU-UBA),¬†¬†Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. Follow Dise√Īo y producci√≥n de videojuegos FADU on Instagram: @videojuegosfadu

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